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Remodel Your Cupertino Home With Reclaimed Barnwood

By October 8, 2017Sellers, Selling Your House

Homes in Cupertino are usually remodeled before they’re marketed and sold by a local real estate agent. Home owners who want to maximize the resale value of their house will take the time to educate themselves on the latest design trends in order to appeal to the most buyers. One of the hottest trends currently is the use of reclaimed material, in particular lumber. It’s difficult to replicate the look and feel of old wood that has stood the test of time, punished by the elements to create a beautiful patina. Some companies try using new lumber and using a variety of technique they will try to age the wood to look the real thing. The result typically looks cheap and tacky.

There is no substitute for using a reclaimed beam for your fireplace mantel, paneling, kitchen cabinets, shelving or even your hardwood floors. Open any design magazine and you will see the uses for reclaimed lumber are endless. There is a company called Reusable Lumber Company (http://www.reusablelumber.com/) that specializes in recovery, resale and reuse of old growth lumber located in Woodside, California. Another option is Global Wood Source (https://www.globalwoodsource.com/). They bring in wood from all over the world including may exotic woods that are hard to find. Lastly, there is a company based in Minneapolis, MN that ships across the country called The Old Grain Co, (https://getreclaimed.com/).

We suggest that home owners discuss their ideas with their realtor if they are hoping to increase the resale value of their house. Your agent will help you to budget for the project and should be able to connect you with local contractors who can handle the design and installation for your project. If your realtor doesn’t have any contractors who specialize in working with reclaimed lumber, contact any of the companies referenced in the post. They will likely have a number of installers they can suggest for your project.

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  • Matt Peters says:

    I love the look of barn wood and other reclaimed or antique lumber. My friend recently remodeled their kitchen and build the kitchen cabinets from oak that had been reused from an old school in Minnesota. They turned out beautiful. I’m considering replacing the floors in my living room and have been looking at reclaimed oak flooring. Do you know of any suppliers in MN?

  • Jessica J says:

    I noticed the last time I was at Home Depot that they were selling old pallet wood as reclaimed lumber. I guess technically it is old wood but I wouldn’t really call it reclaimed. It’s basically just garbage that they are trying to sell for $25 per pallet. I found a good source locally for barn wood through Craigslist. There are a couple of guys who tear down 1-2 barns per year and then sell the old wood. They price it pretty reasonably, although it’s usually dirty and full of nails. After a few hours of work though it usually looks great!